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?'s about Underwear you are too embarrased to address (But we are totally game!)

August 14, 2018

?'s about Underwear you are too embarrased to address (But we are totally game!)

Underwear is known by many names: Undies, Knickers, Panties, Underthings, Delicates, etc but one things is for sure, there are some unanswered questions about anything from Hygiene to Fit Health (what the heck is that?!? read below for it all explained!).


1) How often should I be changing my underwear? Is it healthy to wear the same pair twice? The answer is: It Depends!

Some of us ladies sweat differently (more or less) or have different amounts of discharge. If your the type who can make it a day or two without a single stain on your gusset (the fabric on the inner lining of the underwear), then by all means feel free to wear that pair out!

However, for the rest of us unlucky ones, some of us can't go a few hours without discharge or even staining from temporary or full-fledged incontinence (hello postpartum!). In that case, a pad can help but really the underwear needs to be traded out for a new pair at least once-a-day. A moisture build-up can lead to many UN-ladylike issues that are commonly dealt with such as yeast infections.


2) Does it really matter what fabric I chose for my undies?

YES! YES! YES! As mentioned earlier, the best fabrics are the ones that are most breathable, allowing free-flowing air to avoid issues like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, or UTI's. That being said, the best fabric is truly a cotton-based fabric. However, some of us love those trendy undies and so, at the very least, get a pair of Undies with a cotton gusset (the lining of the underwear) to help aid in breath-ability.

Conversely, synthetic-based fabric can irritate and cause rashes in around our most delicate anatomy. Not exactly something we want to be dealing be careful when you chose your undies and be sure to look @ the fabric content label!

3) Working out in thongs? A-ok or no-way?!?

No-way! Talk about the worst pair of undies to work out in! Avoid at all costs, girly. The main reason: Rubbing. When you work out in a close-fitted thong, it has a tendency to rub back and forth, spreading out the germs that are already there pre-workout! So throw more breathable and less-constricting undies in those gym bag...TRUST US, your feminine-parts will thank you...

4) Going commando a no-no?

Actually, not necessarily! Going underwear-less can be great for letting your lady-parts breathe now and again. Just make sure to be wearing loose-fitting clothing when you do. Otherwise, Tight-fitting clothing may not only make it uncomfortable but now that there is no barrier between you and those tight leggings, it defeats the purpose of the breath-ability factor.



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