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Our Philosophy

Wearable, Pretty, and Comfortable.

THIS is our modus operandi and we feel as though we hit the mark. We are an Underwear Company, purely and solely. Our mission is to bring to the market beautifully-printed underwear. But not just any beautifully-printed undies: we utilize cotton stretch fabric to make a bikini style with a smooth lace elastic band, which means our underwear moves with you & provides ultimate comfort through the day. Perfect for date night, everyday use, when Aunt flow comes to visit (if you know what I mean!), or even maternity.
Why Cotton Hands
Why COTTON? Because it really is the best! Cotton fabric is breathable, soft, and durable, making it the premier fabric for our skin. We here @ POPCHEEKS fully support cotton-growers and hope you do too! #Cotton #Sustainablefashion
Our underwear comes in prints that are both Modern & Classic. Every season we will be coming out with seasonal, on-point prints: trendy prints for the ladies who are "in the know" and some classic floral-inspired for those of you who like to be timeless. Our print inspiration comes from everywhere & anywhere! Have a request for a fab print that you would love to see made on our undies? Send us a request to

So go ahead and join the POPCHEEKS deserve to feel the same as the rest of us: gorgeous is your own skin!

Founder: Jacqueline Cole

A little bit about me...Texas born and raised (That in itself says so much!). Femininity & Exuberance with a dash of that independant Texas spirit should resonate through my brand because these are personal traits of mine that I value and hold dearly.
How did the POPCHEEKS journey start?
This may sound cliche but this whole adventure started with a pen & a hotel notepad with me putting down my chicken-scratch on a whim. I drew what I thought was my ideal pair of undies after a major retailer stopped selling the bikini undies I had worn for the past decade. This was 4 years ago.
Fast-forward and here we are today with my vision coming true before my eyes: Beautifully-printed underwear in the classically feminine styles.

Why underwear? My FAVORITE part of my day is picking out my next pair of undies & when I look in my underwear drawer it makes me smile!
Now, thanks to POPCHEEKS, my underwear drawer is prettier than ever and that feeling never fades. ;-). I hope to help others get that same feeling when they open their underwear drawer and put on a pair of POPCHEEKS.
I aim to make women more confident, sexy, and empowered with every pair of POPCHEEKS sold. Don’t you agree?
Lace Bikini Collection Size Chart

We try our best to be accurate so you can find the best panty fit for you!


Fits US

Sizes 00-0

Fits US

Sizes 2-4

Fits US

Sizes 6-8

Fits US

Sizes 10-12

Fits US

Sizes 12-16

Fits US

Sizes 18-24

20”-23” 29”-35” 23”-25” 34”-37” 25”-29” 37”-39” 30”-34” 38”-43” 34”-37” 43”-48” 38”-44” 48”-55”

Please reference your hip measurement for the best size for you. *Note: low-rise fit.

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